Rapper Yung Raja debuts apparel label Peace Oeuvre

Rapper Yung Raja debuts apparel label Peace Oeuvre

Yung Raja’s Peace Oeuvre apparel label is all about spreading positivity and good vibes. The collection debuts on August 6.

Yung Raja Debuts Peace Oeuvre Apparel Label on August 6

Yung Raja has more up his sleeves than just music. On August 6, at 6pm Singapore time, the “Spice Boy” rapper will debut his very own apparel label called Peace Oeuvre.

The brand name represents everything the rapper stands for. Oeuvre means “the body of work of a painter, composer, or author”, and we all know what peace means. Consequently, the brand Instagram page offers previews of the collection amid a flurry of positive messages that read, “Do all things with purpose” and Live a great story”, for example.

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Peace Oeuvre will offer apparel of premium, heavyweight quality. Tees are 250gsm while hoodies are weighing in at 360gsm. Thicker than the average, but are “soft and comfortable at the same time”, promises the brand.

Yung Raja’s Peace Oeuvre is coming in at the right time. We’re in the middle of a pandemic; things are not always easy, so we want our clothing to be comfortable and its brand message to be something worth looking forward to.

Peace Oeuvre debuts on peaceoeuvre.com on August 6, at 6pm Singapore time.

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