10 Scary Sneakerhead Behaviors

10 Scary Sneakerhead Behaviors

In the eyes of non-sneakerheads, some of the things we do can be appalling. Here are some scary sneakerhead behaviors that we may unwittingly find ourselves committing.

Being obsessed with cleanliness


via Extra Butter

If you find yourself fretting over a smidge of a stain on your shoe, you need to take a chill pill. Fun fact: Every shoe that’s been worn gets dirty, eventually.

Wanting every damn shoe

Image via Flight Club

via Flight Club

There’s a big difference between a well-maintained sneaker collection and one that’s centered on buying sneakers for the sake of it. The former is a sure-fire way to get noticed, the latter, a bad way to blow hard-earned cash.

Being a freak for freebies


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Nothing wrong if you enter the occasional contest or two, but if your social media feed consists of nothing but reposts of sneaker store giveaways, you may have just crossed over to the land of desperation.

Hardcore online shopping


If you’re copping sneakers while you’re out with friends or at work, your desperate need for heat will surely stoke the flames of fury of those around you. 

Hogging the spotlight


Asking your friends what sneakers they’ll be wearing to a hangout, then making sure that you’re a cut above them by wearing something more expensive and/or more exclusive just because. 

Gloating over past sneaker victories


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So you copped the most expensive pair of sneakers to have graced this Earth? Good for you! Let’s hear about that – once. No one wants to hear you go on incessantly about how you triumphed over many others to get a pair of the Yeezys. If you have to flex on social media, make sure you do it right. 

Lowballing fellow sneakerheads


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There’s a special place in hell for hagglers who know exactly the value of the kicks they wish to buy, but choose to offer at absurdly low prices instead. 

Becoming Cinderella’s stepsisters

Image via YouTube

via YouTube

If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, please don’t.

Sweating the small stuff


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So your sneaker delivery is taking a longer time than usual to arrive, and when it finally does arrive it comes in a damaged box and doesn’t come with extra laces… It doesn’t matter! Don’t miss the forest for the trees; what you paid for were the sneakers within. 

Having an unusual sneaker fetish


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You love your kicks, we get it. But there’s no need to start making out with them. Like really. 

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