10 Sneakerhead Nightmares

10 Sneakerhead Nightmares

Sole separation, sneaker destruction, going broke and other sneakerhead nightmares.

RIPped shoe soles

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You waited all year to debut your grails alongside a spiffy outfit. Everything is going well until the sole of your shoe starts to crumble before you even hit the sidewalk. Torn soles rips souls.

Water sucks, it really really sucks


Image via Sneakerwatch

It’s the worst when you’ve got a brand new pair of kicks on and you’re treading the ground lightly like a freaking fairy all day. You’ve managed to avert mini crises here and there – so far so good. Then, you let your guard down a little and a puddle of mud appears outta nowhere and you walk right into it. To prevent such mishaps, read our compilation of sneakerheads’ wet weather sneaker care tips.

“Sorry, we’re all out”


Image via The Daily Street

You’ve been queuing for hours. You’re just three guys behind the front of the queue. The first guy gets his shoe and leaves. The second guy lands a pair. The third guy too. Your turn – YES. “We’re all out, sorry,” the storekeeper announces. You want to cry but you have to act like you don’t care. You punch the wall and your fist breaks. It’s the worst day of your life ever. To ensure you never miss another drop, check out our guide to copping sneakers online.

Creepy crawlies


Image via Sneakers Magazine

You know what grows in damp and dark places; you’ve learned about this in lower grade science. Your sneaker footbed could be home to all sorts of creatures, both visible and invisible to the naked eye, all of which are more than eager to get acquainted with your feet. Don’t shudder in regret, always give your kicks a good shake before slipping them on. To protect your feet from microscopic things, keep your feet clean and fresh with foot soaks.

Falling sneaker boxes


Image via Pinterest

For years you’ve refused to come up with a sneaker storage solution for your obscene collection of shoes, choosing instead to stack them up by the bedside. Don’t come crying when your “Jenga” tower collapses in a heap some day.

Watching someone else destroy their sneakers


Those shoes aren’t yours, but they might as well be, ‘cos your heart drops when you see them being mutilated. Watch this guy wreck his Yeezy Boosts in the worst way possible, and while you’re at it, swear an oath that you’ll never do the same.

Going broke


Image via The Sun

The bigger the stash, the lesser the cash (usually). Only through careful financial ninja-ing can a sneakerhead sustain his obsession hobby.

Losing Internet connection


Image via Giphy

To many, making their way to the checkout page is more rewarding than finishing a marathon, but just like completing the race, the rewards must come through. A timed-out page or a dead Internet connection is as good as burying your sneaker dreams alive.

Fending off sneaker snatchers


Image via Modern Notoriety

In some parts of the world, things can get really ugly when it comes to acquiring sneakers. Nobody deserves to be punched, kicked or god forbid, shot, over sneakers.

Copping a pair of fakes


Image via Official Gazette

With fake sneakers looking more and more like the real McCoy, the last thing any collector wants is to be ripped off. While fakes are hard to detect, more people are wisening up. As always, your best bet would be to consult your fellow sneakerheads in the community and have them legit check a shoe for you.

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