Wet weather sneaker tips from Singapore’s biggest sneaker collectors

Wet weather sneaker tips from Singapore’s biggest sneaker collectors

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How do sneakerheads cope during the monsoon seasons? How do they protect their shoes from water damage? We caught up with our Straat Your Stuff collectors who each shared their wet weather sneaker tips!


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“During wet weather, I usually wear leather shoes like Air Jordans or Dunks. I try to avoid suede or fabric as these materials get wet easily.

When the shoe is wet, I wipe off the excess water and let it dry on its own. If the insoles get wet, I take them out to dry out completely to prevent odor.

Generally, I deep wash the sneakers in my monthly rotation inside and out. I use soap to scrub them down and spray Crep Protect before storing them back in the box. I do this before selecting the sneakers for my next monthly rotation.”

Daniel Tan

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“I would bring an extra pair of beaters in my car just in case it rains heavily and I need to change into the other pair. I’ve actually worn my Carmines VI with plastic bags wrapped around it like a shoe cover!”

Clarise Ong

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“Avoid wearing suede like the plague.”

Leslie Tay


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“I always keep my sneakers with a few dehumidifiers. I don’t wear them during the monsoon season! I wear slippers instead. Ha!”

Danial Mok

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“Back in the day, before there was Repel Well and other such products to keep your shoes dry, I always had two pieces of plastic bags in my bag just in case it rained. I would tie the plastic bags over my shoes just to protect them when crossing a junction.”

Lim Kok Kean

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“After you’re done wearing your sneakers, stuff them with newspaper so that they’ll absorb moisture. And remember to dry them if they get wet, but never under the sun.”

Twisted Joe

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“I suggest sneakerheads shrink-wrap their grails to keep them fresh.”

Guido Greiert

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“During the monsoon season, I avoid wearing sneakers made of suede, denim or faux fur. I’ve also learnt from past experience that 3M material and rain are not best friends; rain stains the 3M. Synthetic leather is OK but foamposite sneakers make the best rainy day shoes. Also try to avoid wearing transparent or icy sole kicks as it turns yellow much quicker after getting wet from the rain. My best advice: When it rains, get to the nearest Bata and buy a cheap pair of kicks and keep your heat in your bag to avoid getting them wet. When it rains the first thing I think of is my sneakers. I don’t care that I get drenched but my kicks got to stay dry and fresh to death.”

Mike Neo

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“I try not to step out of the house during the monsoon season. What I do is stock up groceries from the supermarket and not leave home for a month.”

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