5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Andra Day, Kevin Gates, M N C H S and More

If the new year hasn’t been rosy for you, let this week’s selection of power-packed music change all that.

1) Andra Day, “Rise Up”

Putting a huge dose of soul back into music is Cassandra Monique Batie, better known as Andra Day. Her powerful vocals, matched with the uplifting lyrics in this song, are sure to blow you away. “Rise Up”, together with Andra’s debut album Cheers to the Fall, have both been nominated for Grammy Awards, and deservedly so. Keep this on replay and you’ll get through the week in no time.

2) Kevin Gates, “Really Really”

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Rapper Kevin Gates is set to drop his debut album, Islah, later this month. “Islah means to reform, to improve, to make better, and I believe that’s what my first daughter did to me. So I named my first album after my first daughter; because it improved me, it made me better,” he told Hotnewhiphop. Keep your ears tuned to the unique instrumentation used in “Really Really”, and look out for the album due January 29th.

3) M N C H S feat. MickeyLEANO & DaniKIDDO, “All About That Lyfe”

Not much is known about M N C H S, save for the fact that they’re part of the H Y B R D T H R Y collective. Their latest hit is smooth yet hard-hitting at the same time, with vocals from MickeyLEANO and DaniKIDDO of Mediocre Haircut Crew fame thrown in to up the ante. Perfect for a cruise in the city with your homies.

4) Young Galaxy, “The Alchemy Between Us”

This song from Canadian indie pop band Young Galaxy made its way to the movie Before We Go, and captured our attention despite being aired for just a fleeting moment. Well, here’s the song in its entirety. Coming off Young Galaxy’s self-titled debut album back in 2007, this track has romantic vibes written all over it.

5) Fall Out Boy, “America’s Suitehearts (Mark Hoppus Remix)”

Fans of punk rock will definitely dig this remix, as Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus lent his deft bass skills to a 2008 favorite from Fall Out Boy, giving the track much-needed punch and pace. No discredit to the original song and music video, of course, despite the latter bordering on bizarre and making viewers then and now scratch their heads.

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