5 Tracks for this Week’s Grind: Drake, Sean Paul, YG, Demi Lovato and SD

5 Tracks for this Week’s Grind: Drake, Sean Paul, YG, Demi Lovato and SD

Tracks we can’t stop listening to no matter how hard we try. This week’s picks include music from Drake, Sean Paul, YG, Demi Lovato and SD.

1) “Charged Up”, Drake

Just last week, Meek Mill went on a tirade against Drake on Twitter, accusing the later of not writing his own rap. Drake finally responds to Mill in his latest track “Charged Up”, released on OVO Sound Radio. “Done doing favors for people. Because it ain’t like I need the money I make off of a feature”, the 6 God raps.

2) “Never Give Up”, Sean Paul

It’s not too often we hear from Mr. Sean-da Paul, but when we do, we can rarely comprehend what he sings about without having to spend a good amount of time listening to reggae-tone. Nonetheless, the dude never fails to bring a dance-worthy track, and this inspirational song is no exception.

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3) “Twist My Fingaz”, YG

YG uses a basic synthetic Hip Hop beat as his weapon of choice for “Twist My Fingaz”, the first track of his upcoming album Still Crazy, as he raps about his close encounter with being shot two weeks ago outside a studio, as well as his enemies in the industry. This track finds YG laid-back in classic California fashion, marrying aggression and good vibes, sounding satisfied with who he is.

4) “Cool For The Summer”, Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has gone from young teenage Disney star with her first big hit “This Is Me” to this intoxicating and sexy track, “Cool For The Summer”. Turn it up with her as she dances in a seductive one-piece costume and parties the night away with her squad. Perhaps the track should be renamed “Too Hot for the Summer”, for obvious reasons.

5) “Step by Step”, SD

SD returns with the 808 Mafia produced track “Step By Step”, a hypnotic, sub-bass driven beat that sits comfortably with his vibe. For the uninformed, SD is a 20-year old rapper hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He grew up as a member of the Black Disciples street gang, which gained international notoriety for executing a 11-year-old member. No doubt his music career is taking him to better places.

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