5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Knight One, G-Preme, Tweet, Tabber Kim and Mura Masa

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Knight One, G-Preme, Tweet, Tabber Kim and Mura Masa

This week, we’re putting an international spin on things and exploring tunes from artistes around the world, while throwing in a local hit for good measure. You’re bound for an aural adventure with songs from Knight One, G-Preme, Tweet, Tabber Kim and a fresh drop from Mura Masa.

1) Knight One, “Shimmer”

Hailing from the Netherlands, Knight One is an up-and-coming artiste you definitely have to look out for. “Shimmer” was released shortly after his debut EP, Swords Cry, and was written after a Paris trip. The kitschy track features cuts from all the vocals featured on his EP, and is tied in with a mildly addictive melody.

2) G-Preme, “Going Insane”

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Here’s another local delight from music collective H Y B R D T H R Y. G-Preme is a rapper whose creativity lies in adding new touches to old school vibes. He was largely inspired by Outkast and Eminem throughout his time growing up and was slowly exposed to various forms of hip hop when he started b-boying. “Going Insane” is one of his highlight tracks, accompanied by a music video that features fast cuts against a backdrop of scenes from around Singapore.

3) Tweet, “Won’t Hurt Me”

R&B songbird Tweet already has a Grammy Award nomination under her name, and she makes a comeback to the radio with her new acoustic single, “Won’t Hurt Me”. According to her interview with Billboard, all of the songs from her upcoming album are pages out of her diary, with “Won’t Hurt Me” telling the tale about a guy “who was once a friend but wanted more”.

4) Tabber Kim, “Down On Me”

Tabber is a Korean currently residing in America, who clearly has a penchant for streetwear. This is one of his earlier tracks on SoundCloud, and it proves to be the jam of all jams even today, with its trippy beat that reels you in and vocals that add plenty of punch to the lyrics. The song is already getting airplay in adidas Originals’ flagship stores in Seoul and Berlin, so you better keep tabs on this guy if you haven’t already.

5) Mura Masa ft. Shura, “Love For That”

This track was released only a day ago and we’ve been keeping it on loop ever since. Known for his dreamy soundscapes, Mura Masa paired this song with airy vocals from female counterpart Shura. “Love For That” may be Mura Masa at his most emotional yet, as it produces a festive-romantic vibe akin to locking eyes with the good looker next to you when your favorite song is belted out at a live performance.

“‘Love For That’ is a sort of lament on falling in and staying in love for the wrong reasons,” Mura Masa said in an interview with FADER, and we totally get where he’s coming from.

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