5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Masia One, FAUXE, NADI Singapura and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Masia One, FAUXE, NADI Singapura and More

This week, we give you a sampling of the diverse range of music you can expect to hear at Saturday’s Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2016.

1) Masia One, “BaBaBoom”

Bent on making reggae a talked-about genre, Singapore-born artist Masia One’s journey into music took her to far-flung places like Toronto and Jamaica. Whether it’s through her work or that of the Singapura Dub Club, which she helped to establish, Masia has surely done her part for helping to cultivate an audience for reggae music in Singapore.

2) Koflow, “Follow The Wind”

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A stalwart in Singapore’s music scene, Koflow has accumulated years of experience as both DJ and producer. He will be conducting his very own music production workshop at the festival, sharing some of his techniques and skills with those interested in becoming the next big thing. Soak up his beats now, and be there on Saturday to meet the man himself.

3) NADI Singapura ft. OrkeStar Trio, “Nafas Padi”

NADI Singapura is an ensemble that’s all about using an assortment of traditional drums and percussion as means of producing upbeat music which resonates with today’s audiences. Their groove-worthy, thumping rhythms are rooted in Malay Archipelago vibes and their performances are audiovisual spectacles not to be missed.

4) FAUXE ft. Mediocre Haircut Crew, “The Surfers”

FAUXE’s identity may be a mystery, but the man behind the mask sure has an uncanny ability to make waves through his electronic music, performing anywhere from the big stage to intimate clubs. As the specialist in freeform music puts it, “the music is all that has and will ever matter.”

5) Take Two, “In Your Arms”

Making its foray into music back in 2012, the band Take Two has grown from playing indie covers to performing in countries like Malaysia, Beijing and Spain. The group even opened for Scottish pop band Travis, and won plaudits for their original music and distinct energy. They’ll be singing their hearts out at the Aliwal Arts Centre, so be sure to head there early and grab a comfortable spot with a great vantage point.

Catch all these live performances at the upcoming Aliwal Urban Festival 2016, happening Saturday, January 16th.
For more information on the Aliwal Urban Festival 2016, visit its official website

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