5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Pro Era, Raveena, Michl and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Pro Era, Raveena, Michl and More

Suffering from post-Valentine’s Day blues? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are five tracks to guide you through the week.

1) Pro Era, “Like Water”

Here’s a throwback to Joey Bada$$ in his early days. The 21-year-old, along with the rest of his team in Pro Era, got together to shoot this music video back in 2013, in remembrance of the late Capital Steez. The track itself features powerful bars and a mellowed beat sampled from Nas’ “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” and Common’s “Resurrection”.

2) Raveena, “You Give Me That”

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Fun fact: This song was released by Limited Health, a label run by Mitchell Stevens, social editor of Vice and the very same guy who was among the few that correctly guessed the name of Kanye West’s newest album.

But we digress. Raveena’s track is a soft, silky fusion of R&B and jazz backing her alluring vocals, and the lyrics carefully toe the line between sexual and sensual. Just when you feel like you’re floating in a daydream, the bass riffs bring you back down and the song fades out to innocent girlish laughter, leaving you alone and longing for more.

3) Michl, “Kill Our Way To Heaven”

From the sounds of Michl’s debut track, he sure has a promising music career ahead of him. It ticks all our boxes as an ideal laid-back number to get through the day, with the lyrics adding much weight and depth that demand subsequent replays.

4) AObeats, Jai Wolf & Manila Killa ft. Mark John, “Diamonds for Breakfast”

What can we say about this collaboration other than the fact that it is absolutely lit? Three artists, who are amazing in their own right, got together and created this beautiful piece that’s perfect for a day spent alone. The vibe you get is akin to snapping out of that post-brunch daze and realizing that you still have the rest of a beautiful day ahead of you. For those who are new to electronic music, this piece will surely ease you in.

5) Rxn, “Smoov”

The title of this mostly-instrumental track speaks for itself, and yes, the spelling mistake is intentional. Trebles bleed into the edges of your consciousness, and mixed with the kick-ass snare, produce a chill evening set that’s equal parts soulful and jazzy.

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Tira Lee is Straatosphere’s resident aux cord heaux. She’s in-charge of pulling together nifty mixes each week to spread dope tracks and good vibes to the public. In her free time, she partakes in something distressingly referred to as academia and often experiences an existential crisis of sorts. She’s also paid to put pretty clothes on pretty people sometimes.

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