5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Barney Artist, Chiara Noriko, Rascal and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Barney Artist, Chiara Noriko, Rascal and More

This week, we bring you sick remixes and some old school goodness, from singers like Barney Artist, Chiara Noriko and Rascal.

1) Penny Shaw, “Make My Move”

Jamaican-born singer Penny Shaw clearly takes pride in his craft, taking care to record and re-record his tracks till they reach unmistakable finality. In “Make My Move”, he calls out those who aren’t doing the most they can do for their city. “You know a lot of people do songs about what the police are doing, and I definitely touch on that in there but I was more like, let’s talk about doing things to each other and how we can do better,” he said in an interview with Ear Milk. He takes cues from the late Tupac and opts for a retro-style production with piano riffs in the background. Penny Shaw is definitely one to watch. Check out the short film for his album here.

2) Barney Artist, “Stay Close”

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After collaborations with the likes of Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei, Barney Artist has finally stolen the spotlight for himself in his new mixtape, Painting Sounds. This track is a fusion of jazz, hip hop and grime, paired with a stream of conscious rap verses that will definitely make you keep the song on repeat. The entire track moves with a fluidity that only Barney can achieve, and judging from the comments on his SoundCloud account, he sure is receiving much love for his efforts.

3) Chiara Noriko, “Never Seen”

Currently residing in London, Chiara Noriko could very well be the embodiment of this generation’s “It Girl”. Her vocals are dreamy, exuding an alternative R&B style that puts listeners in a faraway space. Yet, her production is simplistic and nothing too heavy on the ears. The visuals for “Never Seen” make it all too easy to drift into a state of loss and vulnerability, so watch with caution.

4) DJ Cam Quartet, “Rebirth of Cool”

You know how certain tracks make you feel okay even after a crappy day? This piece by DJ Cam Quartet definitely belongs to that list. Escape to your happy place while being serenaded by this J Dilla-esque track and lose yourself in the percussion, bass and piano.

5) Rascal, “Be Down”

Germany-based producer Rascal takes us back to the 90s with a rework of Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down”. Retaining the timeless elements of the song, he adds his own blend of heavier kicks and a G-funk influenced synth that is set off by a sample of Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit”. This guy sure knows his music and we appreciate it.

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