5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Disco Hue, Bit Usagi, The Hood Internet and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Disco Hue, Bit Usagi, The Hood Internet and More

This week’s mix, including tunes from Disco Hue, Bit Usagi, The Hood Internet and more, is the perfect playlist to accompany you on your ride to school, work or whatever journey to misery you’re on.

1) Disco Hue, “I’ll Be Waiting”

This whimsical foursome from Singapore is back with another catchy, synth-laden single after their successful dreamy debut just a few months ago. This track takes cues from Daft Punk and CHVRCHES, mixing up electronic hooks with groovy bass lines and topped off with airy, infectious vocals. Check out the video where the band goes all “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” on us.

2) Bit Usagi, “Sozu”

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Another Singaporean delight is Bit Usagi, the by-product of bedroom producer Kevin Ho. Heavily inspired by video games, sci-fi fantasies and his times in Japan, this track features dense synths and distorted vocal samples reminiscent of dream-pop. The video itself features 8-bit graphics that are a throwback to the childhood days of yesteryear.

3) Chloe x Halle, “Drop”

So talented are sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey, aged 18 and 16 respectively, that they’ve received blessings from Queen B herself. Having amassed 500,000 subscribers on their YouTube page and 11 million views for their cover of “Pretty Hurts”, it’s no surprise that Beyoncé signed them to a million dollar contract that would see them releasing six albums over the next five years. Their debut track, “Drop”, is haunting and operatic, with a heavy folk influence laid over the chorus paired with a mix of bass and drum solos that’s sure to keep you coming back for more.

4) Lucian, “Fly By Night (Ft. Noé)”

New York-based producer Lucian has recently teamed up with French songstress Noé to deliver this gorgeous track featuring heavy bass beats, weaving across synths and meeting intricate percussions, topped off with a harp. If this track is an indication of the amount of talent he has, we sure as hell can’t wait for his debut EP to drop.

5) The Hood Internet, “Burn The Panda”

Now here’s an interesting mash-up. The Hood Internet, music mash-up connoisseurs, have taken two songs that are on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum, spliced them up before blending them together, and surprisingly, it works. The songs in question are “Panda”, the hyped up track from G.O.O.D Music MC Desiigner, and Radiohead’s “Burn The Witch”. What results is a remix with looping hook and trap elements, complemented by a blooming, bright orchestration and fast, racing strings.

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Tira Lee is Straatosphere’s resident aux cord heaux. She’s in-charge of pulling together nifty mixes each week to spread dope tracks and good vibes to the public. In her free time, she partakes in something distressingly referred to as academia and often experiences an existential crisis of sorts. She’s also paid to put pretty clothes on pretty people sometimes.

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