5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: ZHU, Kero One, Ark Patrol and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: ZHU, Kero One, Ark Patrol and More

This week we bring you some tracks from ZHU, Kero One, Ark Patrol, JMSN and RÜFÜS. Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy.

1) ZHU, “Hold Up Wait A Minute”

ZHU hardly disappoints with his tracks. Even then, we consider this a standout among his recent releases. “Hold Up Wait A Minute” is an infectious track featuring brass, funk and a smooth trumpet layer that’s got us grooving. Don’t expect this song to leave your head till the end of the week.

2) Kero Uno ft. Jeff Bernat, “Are You Down”

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Kero Uno (formerly known as Kero One) has been known as a rapper and producer since his debut. For his last few albums, he’s been behind the mic spitting verses, but in this, he steps back to let his beats shine. The song features a smooth bass line that complements Jeff Bernat’s crooning vocals.

3) Ark Patrol, “Tokyo (Subranger Remix)”

Subranger takes this pillowy, lush track from Ark Patrol and reworks it into something that’s versatile enough to be played during a downtime or when you want to turn-up. The original track goes deep into the down-tempo, with a synth-driven soundscape. The remix speeds it up and adds in elements that make it pop.

4) JMSN ft. Snoh Aalegra, “Cruel Intentions”

While the original song is solid, quality work in itself, this remix featuring sweet vocals from Snoh Aalegra, makes it sound even better. Aalegra and JMSN are a perfect match together, as they deliver a huge dose of melancholy that’s evident beneath the lyrics.  ​

5) RÜFÜS, “Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)”

RÜFÜS and What So Not are heavyweight acts on their own, but this remix has brought them together in a mind-blowing way. The melodic synth accentuates the vibe of the track, making it that much more concentrated and dense.

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Tira Lee is Straatosphere’s resident aux cord heaux. She’s in-charge of pulling together nifty mixes each week to spread dope tracks and good vibes to the public. In her free time, she partakes in something distressingly referred to as academia and often experiences an existential crisis of sorts. She’s also paid to put pretty clothes on pretty people sometimes.

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