Adidas Sponsors French Esports Organization, Team Vitality

Adidas Sponsors French Esports Organization, Team Vitality

Adidas will be in charge of outfitting Team Vitality, one of France’s finest esports organizations.


Continuing the trend of sports-related brands partnering professional gaming teams, Adidas has announced its sponsorship of Team Vitality.

According to Vitality’s website, Adidas will be equipping the team’s players with a “very new collection”. Beyond apparel, the sponsorship will see event collaborations happening too.

“We are extremely glad to have the opportunity to work hand in hand with Adidas, a brand with which we share the identity of being both competitors and forerunners,” said Team Vitality owner Fabien “Neo” Devide. “Vitality is reaching a new mark and will be the first major esport brand dressed up by an outfitter that is amongst the leaders in traditional sports. Esport is expanding on all fronts, may it be in the medias or in business, and this partnership confirms the trend!”

Vitality’s other sponsors include Canal+ and Dailymotion, but its new deal with Adidas is arguably the most prominent and could spur on other sportswear brands to get involved with eSports teams.

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