Adidas Opens First Virtual Reality Store

Adidas Opens First Virtual Reality Store

Online shopping just got better with the new Adidas Virtual Reality Store.

To make it in the expanding Internet era, a number of retailers are continuously releasing mobile apps to help make online shopping easier. But Adidas has taken it one step further with the help of virtual reality.

Like any other “real-life” store, customers are first greeted by a sales associate. Clickable pins let customers navigate the store and browse through items that are for sale.

Despite this technological leap, the store does have its downsides. Shopping options are limited and customers do not have free reign when browsing the store.

Additionally, the virtual reality experience is only available in Swedish, as Adidas based the layout on its Stockholm store. Hopefully, Adidas will expand their virtual reality store globally, as soon as the technology takes off.

Check out the virtual reality store here.

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