Playboy Cartii’s Instagram Story Hints at an Adidas x Off White Collab

Playboy Cartii’s Instagram Story Hints at an Adidas x Off White Collab

An Adidas x Off White collab in the making? Possibly, according to Playboy Cartii’s Instagram Story.

All images: Reddit/@aviates 

Update: March 13, 6.19pm (GMT+8)

It looks like a Playboy Cartii x Off White collaboration could be happening. An artist known by the Instagram name (@_artdealer_) uploaded an image of the rapper dressed in Nike and Off-White (see below).

Additionally, Hypebeast claims that Off White’s Instagram page commented on the post with a “!!!!!!!!!!!!”, although a quick check revealed that the comment has since been removed.

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Looks like we’ll have to wait for more information on a possible Playboy Cartii x Off White collab.

Rapper Playboy Cartii stunned fans after uploading a cryptic message hinting at a possible Adidas x Off White collaboration.

The news came to light after a Reddit user uploaded the screenshot to the forum earlier on November 16.

It features the “Magnolia” rapper throwing a “peace” sign along with the words “Off White x Adidas” plastered across the image. The musician also tagged both Adidas Originals and Virgil Abloh’s Instagram in the story.

Despite the image hinting at a possible Adidas x Off White collaboration, Redditors can’t be sure that Virgil Abloh’s brand is collaborating with Adidas.

Some users claim that Playboi Cartii tagged Off-White simply because he’s dressed in Off-White jacket and shoes, and he’s sponsored by Adidas.

Other users have described the idea of a collaboration between Adidas and Off-White as their “worst nightmare” (see screenshot below).

Off-White and Nike

As exciting as the thought of an Adidas and Off-White collab is, the idea seems a little far-fetched for now.

After all, Off-White recently released a wildly successful collaborative sneaker collection, “The Ten”, with Nike. And, as this Reddit user suggests, there must’ve been a contract between Nike and Off-White that prevents the luxury streetwear brand from collaborating with a competitor like Adidas.

Plus, Nike has already hinted at more sneaker collaborations with Off-White, scheduled to be released in 2018.

Overall, it seems that an Adidas x Off-White collab is highly unlikely, but who knows?

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