Air Max 98 Gundam Could Make a Comeback in 2018

Air Max 98 Gundam Could Make a Comeback in 2018

An Air Max 98 Gundam OG reissue in 2018? Possibly, according to @theshoegame.

The Air Max 98 Gundam could return for its 20th anniversary in 2018.

The revival of the Air Max 97 for its 20th anniversary was generally well received with the “Silver Bullet” OG reissue sold out on Nike. With 2018 fast approaching, the brand might just revive another 20-year-old classic. This time, it’s the Air Max 98 Gundam colorway, according to Sneaker News.

If you think this is a collaboration between Nike and the anime “Gundam”, it’s not. It actually refers to the original colorway of the Air Max 98 that pretty much resembles the Gundam mobile suit.

While Nike churns out new and innovative sneakers like the Air Vapor Max, the brand also continues to revisit and put a modern spin on retro sneakers from its archives.

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Judging from the leaks and reports of a comeback, 2018 might just be a big year for the silhouette.

Could another revival of Nike’s classics prove successful? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image: Nike Talk

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