First Timer’s Guide to Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2018

First Timer’s Guide to Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2018

Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2018 sees the 5th edition of the annual celebration of Singaporean art at its best.


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This year, the carpark facing Aliwal Street and Aliwal Street will be closed for parts of the activities including the Skate Zone and some of the street art installations.

Do: check out the Firing Line


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Got moves? Test them out at Aliwal’s Firing Line, a skate competition scheduled to be held at the 2018 Aliwal Urban Art Festival. The segment sees notable skaters from Singapore competing for the winning title, cash prizes, and street cred. To win, skaters must show their ‘Best Line’ and their ‘Best Trick’. 

Don’t: sleep on the Skate Drop-In Clinic


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Skate fans should check out the Skate Drop-In Clinic where they can pick up skate tips and tricks taught by Skate SG, a Singapore-based collective that specializes in skateboarding education and design. The event will be held from 5pm onwards at Aliwal Street. The Skate Drop-In Clinic activity is supported by Vans.

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Do: check out the Sound of the City: My Sound of Singapore segment 

Pictured: (From L to R) Koflow, NADA
Photo credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

Music lovers will be glad to know that the Goethe-Institut Singapore will present a brand new series, Sound of the City: My Sound of Singapore that will see visual art/sound project NADA and DJ Koflow each creating a brand new track with samples recorded by the artists, set to short films.

The debut of each track will be followed by electrifying live sets by the veteran performers.

Don’t: miss out on the Brilliant Corners showcase 


Pictured: Ras Irie on set
Photo credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

Alternatively, check out the music selection at the Brilliant Corners showcase featuring a line-up of talented musicians including Ras Irie (Straits Records), DJ FFIN, and Drem (Choice Cuts).

Dance the night away at the Brilliant Corners showcase curated by System Sovereign, a music group fronted by Syndicate’s co-founder Kiat, Red Bull Music Academy alumnus Cherry Chan, and artist Roslyn Chua.

Do: attend a DIY LED throwie workshop!


Pictured: Ryf Zaini
Photo credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

M.A.T.A.S a.k.a. Make A Terrific Artwork Someday is a collaborative exhibition by art collective RSCLS and mixed-media artist Ryf Zaini. Learn how to make LED throwies from visual artist Ryf Zaini or pick up tips to creating your own pixel mosaic pieces from the RSCLS.

Don’t: forget to attend the RSCLS Detour of Kampong Glam

Photo credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

If there’s one thing you should make time for, it’s the RSCLS’ Detour of Kampong Glam. On the Detour, you’ll learn more about the history of urban art in Singapore and get an in-depth view of the artworks featured.

Other urban art-focused events include the Spin Cycle, where three artists will take on the challenging task of painting a puzzle canvas live. The aim of the Spin Cycle is to create a piece of artwork that Urban Art Festival attendees can interact with.

Pro-tip: Definitely pack a camera or portable juice pack – there’ll be plenty of photos to take!

Do: warm up your vocal chords for the IN D’ KTV

Photo credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

A highlight of the Aliwal Urban Art Festival this year is the IN D’ KTV. The segment is presented in a KTV room and the 30-track playlist features music from some of Singapore’s most iconic artists including Dick Lee, Charlie Lim, Jasmine Sokko, and Mean. Click here for a playlist of all the songs appearing on IN D’ KTV; learn the words and learn them well.

Don’t: miss any of the live performances 

Pictured: (From L to R) Mean, Bakers in Space, and Sobs
Photo credit: Aliwal Arts Centre 

Aliwal Urban Art Festival’s live music performances tend to be the main attraction, and this year’s line-up ensures that the 2018 edition will be no different. Performers include psych-rock band Bakers in Space, rapper Mean, Vandetta, and Sobs. The live performances will begin at 7pm. Don’t miss out!

For more on Aliwal’s live music performances, read our previous write-up here.

Do: come prepared for a kickabout 

Photo credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

Skate has always been a part of the Aliwal UAF, but this year, football is represented too. Fans of the beautiful game will delight in the Street Football Challenge, presented by the Urban Street Team, a group of freestyle footballers from countries including Italy, Germany, and Mexico. Soccer fans will be able to pick up a few freestyle tricks or challenge their friends to a friendly game of football. The tournaments will be available either on a 1-on-1 or a 2-on-2 basis.

Don’t: forget to save some energy for the block party


Pictured: (From L to R) Marcus Marzipan, and Rachel
Photo credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

Dubbed ‘The Get UP to Get DOWN’ party, the segment features iconic music from the 60s to the 2000s. The tracklist will be curated by dance duo ScrachMarcs, fronted by dancers Marcus (@marzipansgd) and Rachel (@racheezels).

6) Do: put your glamping skills to the test at the Terrainware Tent Challenge


Photo credit: Instagram/@terrainware

Glamping – a portmanteau of “glamor” and “camping” – is a term used to describe a style of camping with amenities. Experience glamping at the 2018 Aliwal Urban Art Festival, where participants can pit their glamping skills against some of the best outdoor gurus from Terrainware, an outdoor clothing and equipment shop.

Terrainware will be giving away some swag on social media – keep a lookout on both Terrainware (@terrainware) and Aliwal’s (@aliwalartscentre) Instagram pages for details.

Don’t: leave without checking out Sirri Na Pesse


Photo credit: Aliwal Arts Centre

The Sirri Na Pesse (translates to “honor and pride” in the Bugis language) exhibition is not one to be missed. According to the organizers of the exhibition, the Malay Heritage Centre, the exhibition focuses on the history of the Malay-Bugis community in Singapore. Sirri Na Pesse is the fourth installment in the Se-Nusantara, a series of exhibitions that aims to shed light on the rich heritage and culture of the Malay community in Singapore.

The 2018 Aliwal Urban Art Festival will be held on Saturday, January 20, at the Aliwal Arts Centre. The event is slated to take place from 5pm till late. Admission is free. For more details on the event, click here

Featured image: Courtesy of Aliwal Arts Centre

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