Amongst Few x Karim Jabbari
News Published: January 30, 2019 Updated: February 1, 2019  |  WORDS: Mari Martinez

Amongst Few recruits Karim Jabbari for his Arabic Calligraphy in latest collection

The Amongst Few x Karim Jabbari sheds light on the intricacy of Arabic Calligraphy.

Amongst Few x Karim Jabbari
Amongst Few x Karim Jabbari
Amongst Few

The collection will consist of a tee and a sweatshirt, each with calligraphy on the back.

Storytelling is always important in fashion, especially when it comes to collaborations. The message or story of a collection plays a big role in explaining the designs and graphics. A sort of method to the madness if you may. Amongst Few has, in their own way, maintained a steady storyline throughout their recent collaborations. From their NBA capsule to the latest Amongst Few x Karim Jabbari collaboration, they take inspiration from their home base; the Middle East.

Karim Jabbari is one of the most multi-faceted visual artists out there today. He has traversed the world in his aim to shed more light on the beauty of Arabic Calligraphy. Amongst Few has teamed up with the artist on a special collection which will feature Jabbari’s take on Arabic Calligraphy. The collection will feature two designs, one for a tee and another for a sweatshirt. Each garment will come in two colors, beige and black. Tonal co-branding is embroidered on the front.

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The Amongst Few x Karim Jabbari collection is available now on the Amongst Few website. The tee is priced at 220AED (approx. S$80) and the sweatshirt is 399AED (approx. S$146).

What do you think of the Amongst Few x Karim Jabbari collection? What are some of your favorite collaborations? Let us know in the comments below. 

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