iOS 10.2 Has Plenty of New Emojis in Store for You

iOS 10.2 Has Plenty of New Emojis in Store for You

Apple’s yet-to-be-released iOS 10.2 will give you many more ways to express yourself.


Developers who got a preview of the upcoming iOS 10.2 have shown the world a staggering list of new emojis that the update will bring.

According to Emojipedia, the new additions come from various categories like food, animals, professions and facial expressions.

Maintaining the gender diversity introduced way back in iOS 8.3, the new emojis for professions come in both male and female versions, with six different skin tones as well.

After seeing the whole list, we’ll go out on a limb and foresee that the bacon, selfie and facepalm emojis will become hits with the tech-savvy millennials.

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iOS 10.2 Has Plenty of New Emojis in Store for You

Besides the addition of new emojis, old ones have been updated too. If you recall, Apple rolled out redesigned emojis for iOS 10, though it fell short of revamping all the major emojis.

The new iOS 10.2 will address that issue and show refreshed versions that add consistency across the board.

iOS 10.2 is expected to be released sometime in late November or early December. Stay tuned for updates from us.

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