The uncool things about the Apple iPhone XR actually make it cooler than you think

The uncool things about the Apple iPhone XR actually make it cooler than you think

Apple’s latest smartphones were launched in 2018 but many are still undecided between the Apple iPhone XR, XS or XS Max.

apple iphone xr colors

The Apple iPhone XR comes in a variety of colors finished in a premium glass back.

Perhaps you’re not asking yourself the right question. It’s not so much about comparing which is the better iPhone, but rather, which is the most value for money.

For that, we have to zoom in on the Apple iPhone XR. It may be the cheapest option in the tech company’s latest lineup of smartphones – but it’s certainly not inferior or any less cool. In fact, it’s cooler than you think. Barring a few technical specifications and build quality which sets it apart from its higher-tier counterparts – the XS and XS Max – the Apple iPhone XR still ranks as the best-selling phone from the range. After spending some time with the Apple iPhone XR, we take a look at the “uncool” things about the phone and why we think the device is the best value for money among the current iPhone lineup.

The single lens camera

apple iphone xr camera

Unedited shot on iPhone XR.

Granted, the iPhone XR isn’t exactly cheap for a smartphone. For its selling price, you might expect more than just a single lens camera. But Apple’s lower-cost smartphone still packs a mean camera. Truth be told, its 12-megapixel wide-angle rear camera is exactly the same camera that’s on the iPhone XS and XS Max. Even with the absence of a telephoto lens, all-new sensors and software enable you to shoot in portrait mode too. Not only do the iPhone XR’s photos turn out crisp and beautiful in quality, but it also takes better low-light images.

No professional camera? No problem. You can travel light and snap your Insta-worthy ‘fit pics and sneaker shots easily. Also, don’t worry about losing the image quality once you start editing and inserting filters. If you didn’t know this, the iPhone is actually capable of capturing RAW images. Check out the list of camera apps which can tap into the iPhone camera’s RAW capabilities.

The colors

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Perhaps having another colorful range isn’t all that cool at first sight. And it isn’t new: Apple first debuted a range of colorful iPhones with the affordable iPhone 5c. But unlike the 5c, the XR isn’t made out of a polycarbonate shell. Instead, the iPhone XR boasts a premium, colored glass back finish complete with matching aluminum bezels. The six color options – black, white, yellow, blue, red and coral – are stunning up close. Apple also did a great thing by producing clear transparent cases for the iPhone XR. You wouldn’t want to conceal the beautiful color of your iPhone XR now, would you? If not, you can always check out these stylish phone pouches and cases.

The LCD display

apple iphone xr lcd

The iPhone XR has the largest LCD ever on an iPhone.

In terms of screen size, the 6.1-inch XR sits just between the smaller 5.8-inch XS and the larger 6.5-inch XS Max. Size always matters, but perhaps the more obvious difference is that the XR is fitted with an LCD display, compared to the OLED display on the XS and XS Max that produces sharper and more vibrant images. That’s not to say that iPhone XR has a terrible display. On the contrary. In terms of LCD screens, this is the best of all, according to Apple. A display that’s edge-to-edge showcasing true-to-life colors. What’s not to love?

The best battery life on an iPhone

apple iphone xr battery

Apple iPhone XR: longest lasting iPhone ever.

In all honesty, there’s nothing cool about phone batteries. But, here’s a cool fact: the iPhone XR has the best battery life in the history of iPhones. It boasts a battery life equivalent to 25 hours of wireless talk-time, 15 hours of internet browsing or 16 hours of video playback in a single charge. We’re all guilty of using our phones almost every waking hour, but with the iPhone XR, trust that it won’t die on you until you reach home – on a normal day that is. If that’s not enough, you can always get yourself a portable charger to boost it up a little on-the-go.

The features

apple iphone xr ar

Apple’s latest A12 Bionic Chip is the most powerful chip yet.

Let’s put an end to this cool or uncool thing already. Where it comes to the features of the iPhone XR, it’s definitely cool. Fixed with the same powerful A12 Bionic Chip as the XS and XS Max, Apple made sure that the iPhone XR isn’t missing out on all the good bits. Augmented Reality (AR) is a standout feature here. Be it in gaming or shopping, we’re looking at a glimpse of the future where AR will play a big part. Check out what AR gaming and AR shopping looks like on the iPhone XR. Before you buy a bicycle, a guitar, or even a bag, you can view it real-time and place it anywhere around you to see if it’s the size you like. Do you already have an iPhone XR? Test out the AR Quick Look on the websites below (only compatible on Safari).

Cop or drop?

Sure, you can get the slightly better specs and better display on the XS, plus a larger screen if you opt for the XS Max. But the Apple iPhone XR, even with its LCD display and a single camera – which are still excellent by the way – is the best value buy in the entire lineup. If you’ve got one, perhaps you’re already enjoying your new device. If not, it’s worth considering as your next phone. The Apple iPhone XR is now available in six color options on retailing from S$1229 onwards.

Do you think the iPhone XR is the best value among the latest iPhones? Let us know in the comments below.

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