Arthur is “Not Afraid” of Eminem in This Mash-Up

Arthur is “Not Afraid” of Eminem in This Mash-Up

The friendly aardvark you remember from your childhood is all grown-up now, and he’s got the bars to prove it.


Arthur and Eminem makes for an unlikely crossover in this mash-up by YouTuber Mylo the Cat.

If you thought Arthur didn’t have strong rap game, you’re wrong. Watch him go at it in Mylo the Cat’s (real name Adam Schleichkorn) mash-up featuring the 2010 Eminem hit, “Not Afraid”.

This 90-second mash-up is as entertaining as it is mildly disturbing to watch. It’s reminiscent of that feeling you get when your younger siblings start cussing at home, you know? Seeing Arthur spit some definitely NSFW lines have got us thinking about times where saying “shit” will get us into mad trouble with Mum.

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Arthur is not unfamiliar to the ways of the 21st century millennial. He, or rather, his fist, has become the voice of our generation, and this video only adds on to his street cred. Guess there’s a new cool kid on the block now.

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