Attend Sekure D’s Custom Sneaker Class From Wherever You Are

Attend Sekure D’s Custom Sneaker Class From Wherever You Are

Sneaker customizer Sekure D will conduct a custom class “live” on Periscope to share his knowledge and get sneakerheads started on their own projects.


Sneaker customizer, Sekure D, receives a ton of email about his work. “The most common question I get is just ‘how do I start customizing shoes’. That’s a broad question and is the reason why I decided to do this class. I hope to be able to give people all the basics in a quick tutorial to get them going,” he said.

By following the Twitter link that will be posted tomorrow, viewers can watch Sekure D discuss custom sneaker basics – both the skills and equipment needed to get started – and even watch him in action.

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Using the live video streaming app, Periscope, viewers can also type questions as the class goes along, and Sekure D will do his best to answer. The sneaker customization class airs Tuesday, August 25th, at 8am and 6pm (SGT) – each session lasts 30 minutes. Advanced classes are a future possibility if response is good.

Read our interview with Sekure D to know more about the man and his craft. Visit his blog for more details of the custom class.

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