BAPE x UNDEFEATED Collection: “Boring and Bland”, Say Redditors

BAPE x UNDEFEATED Collection: “Boring and Bland”, Say Redditors

The BAPE x UNDEFEATED Japan drop doesn’t impress Redditors.

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Streetwear enthusiasts on Reddit think that this BAPE x UNDEFEATED collection, slated for a November 18 drop, is boring and similar to past releases.

Some Redditors pin the blame on what they feel is BAPE’s lack of creativity. Others have labeled the collection “boring and bland”.



The Spring/Summer collaborative collection by BAPE and UNDEFEATED released in Hong Kong this year also failed to impress Redditors.

With regards to that collection, some people have gone so far as to say “post-nigo bape is the worst“:



The upcoming BAPE x UNDEFEATED Japan drop will include MA-1 Bomber Jackets, full-zip hoodies, cargo trousers, and caps.

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Will perceptions of the pieces and the brands change once the collection drops? We’ll have to wait till November 18 to find out.

Meanwhile, do you think Redditors are harsh? Or does the truth hurt? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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