What to Bring to the Barter Workshop Market at Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2017

What to Bring to the Barter Workshop Market at Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2017

Here’s what you gotta bring to Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2017 if you wanna take home portraits, prints and other goodies at its Barter Workshop Market.


Source: Lai Wee Leong, William

Forget dollar bills: Old books, toys and even alcoholic beverages are the currency for bringing home new products and skills from the Barter Workshop Market.

Organized by the good people at Indigoism, the Barter Workshop Market sees the exchange of goods and services through non-monetary means. Vendors will have a wishlist of items that the public can bring to trade for workshop products and skills.

“We started doing these barter concepts to try to bring back the human touch in everyday exchanges, to try to encourage people to get to know their artists better and the work that goes behind each product,” said Indigoism’s co-founder Samantha Lo. “We find that without putting a numerical value to things we are able to see what something truly is worth, which is always subjective to any one individual’s eyes.”

For this edition, farming collective Tanah will be sharing some edible crops from its gardening 101 workshop, while Pr3ttyU6ly will be making live portraits. Briefs will be doing silkscreening and WING will be demonstrating the process of making linocut prints.

In fact, we’ve dug out some goodies which should give you an idea of what to bring to the table:

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Have fun and we’ll see you there!

Barter Workshop Market is happening at Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2017, which will be held at the Aliwal Arts Centre, January 14th 2017, from 5pm until late.

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