Battlefield 1 Goes Competitive with New 5v5 Game Mode

Battlefield 1 Goes Competitive with New 5v5 Game Mode

A competitive mode for Battlefield 1 (BF1) is finally here.

Battlefield 1 Incursions will be available in September. It features a competitive 5v5 mode with both infantry and vehicles.

Announced at Gamescom 2017, players will be able to select one of eight different character kits to play.

The eight kits are Trench Surgeon, Control Leader, AT Assault, Battle Mechanic, Mortar Support, Raid Leader, Shock Assault and Proximity Recon.

“The Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha brings the authenticity of Battlefield 1 to a contained, small-scale battle,” said gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) in a statement. “With just five team members, every move, every action and every kill matters to the outcome of the match.”

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The new scoring system emphasizes team play and the need for gamers to work together like never before.

A closed alpha test for this new game mode will go live in September this year. To participate in this closed alpha, players simply have to click here and register.

Besides Incursions, EA also announced Revolution—a package that offers a “complete Battlefield 1 experience”. This package contains the base game, as well as its four DLCs: They Shall Not Pass, In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides, and Apocalypse.

BF1 Revolution is now available worldwide on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin on PC.

To learn more about the game, watch the video above or visit

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