Riot Games Sues Developer of ‘Mobile Legends’ for Copyright Infringement

Riot Games Sues Developer of ‘Mobile Legends’ for Copyright Infringement

League of Legends (LoL) owner, Riot Games, is looking to draw first blood against “Mobile Legends” creators for intellectual theft.

Riot Games is suing Shanghai Moonton Technology, the developer of popular mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Revealed in a recent court filing, Riot accused Moonton of knowingly infringing on the intellectual properties of League of Legends in three of its mobile games.

The lawsuit names the games, and they are: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Magic Rush: Heroes, and Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA.

Besides stealing character, map, and unit designs, Riot is also accusing Moonton of copying its branding and ripping off the font and color scheme of the League of Legends logo.

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“Moonton not only knows that its conduct is unlawful, but has engaged in overt gamesmanship,” wrote Riot in a 44-page court document. “Moonton created products that it knew to be infringing, waiting to receive an infringement claim from Riot, and in response to that claim made only the most minimal adjustments while continuing to knowingly infringe.”

As evidence, Riot also included pictures of characters, abilities, and map designs that appear identical to LoL.

Riot will be seeking statutory damages of US$150,000 for each copyright infringed.

To learn more about the lawsuit, click here.

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