BBC’s “The Look” featuring Stussy

BBC’s “The Look” featuring Stussy

With Stussy releasing new collections almost every other week, it’s only apt that we take a step back and examine the roots of the streetwear mainstay in BBC’s The Look featuring Stussy. 

By Vincent Teoh

It could have been a posse; it could have been a crew. It’s definitely a group of people. It’s an International Tribe. It’s friends in all those cities.” – Shawn Stussy

Sometime in January 2009, BBC’s The Look, a documentary series that examines the serious side of the fashion business, zoomed in on the roots of streetwear mainstay, Stussy.

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A gem of the episode is the in-depth interview with Stussy founder, Shawn Stussy, who touches on a range of topics from the popularity of Stussy hats, to finding identity through fashion, to the rationale behind the International Stussy Tribe.

Along with Stussy, the episode covers the origins of Ralph Lauren and Chanel, brands that are iconic in their own spheres in the world of fashion.

Check out the Stussy segment above or watch the full episode here.

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