“Beauty and the Beast” Trailer is a Throwback to Childhood

“Beauty and the Beast” Trailer is a Throwback to Childhood

Beauty and the Beast gets a remake that’s complete with our celebrity crush, Emma Watson. Ready to be mersmerized? Check out the full length trailer. 

Beauty and the Beast is one of the must-watch films of 2017. The remake features a stunning cast and scenes recreated from the 1991 original many hold dear to their childhoods.

The trailer features many iconic scenes from the cartoon version, including Beast’s library, Belle and the Beast’s first dance as well as glimpses of the enchanted rose and the opulent castle.

Premiering on March 16th, 2017, the dreamy film is set to include unused lyrics from the 1991 original.

The film will stars prominent Hollywood talents, Ewan Mcgregor (Lumiere), Luke Evans (Gaston), and Sir Ian McKellen (Cogsworth). And of course, the women of our dreams, Emma Watson (Belle).

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Can Disney put a new spin on the “tale as old as time”? We’ll find out next year.

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