Bell & Ross debuts limited edition Diver Bronze in collaboration with Cortina Watch

Bell & Ross debuts limited edition Diver Bronze in collaboration with Cortina Watch

The Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver Bronze “Demiurgus” launch celebrates the watchmaker’s fifteen-year partnership with Cortina Watch.

The true diving watch is available in limited quantities – only 100 pieces have been made.

Both watchmaker and luxury timepiece retailer join forces to deliver the exclusive and exquisite Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver Bronze “Demiurgus”. The model in question comes from Bell & Ross’ true diving timepieces introduced in 2017 – the first to arrive in the brand’s signature square case. While the timepiece may possess impeccable functional qualities expected of a high quality diving watch, the devil is in the details. Where this watch excels in function, it doesn’t compromise in form.

Bell & Ross’ square-shaped case is an eternally classic look, and it only seems fitting that it comes with an aged leather strap. For diving use, replacing the leather strap with a rubber strap is a cinch. It’s no coincidence too that the watch comes in an all-bronze casing. Bronze metal has a long-standing history in the marine industry, often the material of choice for various applications. Furthermore, the metal may also age over time which gives it a unique appearance characterized by your use of it – not unlike the prized fades on raw denim jeans. Also, enclosed in the bronze case is a military-inspired khaki watch face, a subtly alluring contrast to its diving roots. For a closer look, view the gallery images of the watch above.

The Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver Bronze “Demiurgus” is exclusively available on the Cortina Watch online store, retailing at S$5,794.39 (S$6,200 after tax).

What qualities do you look for in a luxury timepiece? Let us know in the comments below.

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