Under-the-radar New Balance kicks you need

Under-the-radar New Balance kicks you need

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New Balance offers a long list of lifestyle-focused sneakers that extends way beyond the 990, 550 and 2002R. Here are our picks of the best under-the-radar New Balance sneakers. 

Under-the-radar New Balance kicks you need

Thanks to the popular collaborations with Aimé Leon Dore, WTAPS and Salehe Bembury, New Balance sneakers, like the 550s, 990v6 and 2002R, have become staples in streetwear and fashion circles. But their range extends far beyond a handful of models – New Balance may have some of the best under-the-radar sneakers.

New Balance regularly nails retro silhouettes, like the 998, 990v3 and 550. They offer materials and construction that far exceed their price points with comfortable designs that were created for performance. That’s not to say their modern lifestyle sneakers aren’t good. Models like 9060 put a modern twist on their sports heritage. It sticks to the familiar suede and mesh construction but with a Y2K-inspired chunky outsole that is both nostalgic yet modern. 

With the amount of hype around models like the 2002R, 550, and 990v6, it is not surprising to spot them regularly around town. If you wish to move away from the hype and stand out from the crowd, check out our curation of some of the Best under-the-radar New Balance sneakers. We promise they are just as good as their more popular siblings. 

Under-the-radar New Balance 997HGOAT

New Balance 997H
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This sneaker made its debut in 2019 as part of a fresh wave of models from New Balance, including the 327, 57/40, and the 237. Essentially, it’s a contemporary reinterpretation of the beloved 997, originally released back in 1991. The 997H was a resounding success, and even years after its initial launch, the brand continues to introduce new color variations regularly.

Under-the-radar New Balance kicks you need, the 998Flight Club

New Balance 998
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Introduced in 1993, the New Balance 998 is an iterative improvement on the New Balance 997. Its combination of comfortable Abzorb midsole and striking high-visibility reflective materials made it a choice silhouette for brand collaborations but it never received as much attention as other sneakers from the 99X line. Brands such as Kith, New Concepts and Ronny Fieg have all delivered lifestyle spins on the 998.

Under-the-radar New Balance kicks you need, the 580Flight Club

New Balance 580
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Released in 1996, the 580 was an adaption of the ‘Made in USA” 585. Though simple at first glance, the 580 offered a very technical design that revolved around the ‘Rollbar” – a carbon fiber midsole that delivered exceptional stability and traction on rugged terrain. 

Despite receiving a lukewarm reception due to the extra height created by the Rollbar, the 580 received a lot of love from Harajuku youths who admired the 580’s staunch stance. As soon as the sale racks were stocked with the unsold 580s, the shoes were wiped away by budget-conscious streetwear fans and outdoor enthusiasts. The success of the 580s was only known in pockets of Japan, especially Tokyo, all thanks to the Rollbar rave at that time.

Under-the-radar New Balance 1906GOAT

New Balance 1906
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Thanks to the GANNI collaboration and Protection Pack that was released earlier this year, there was an increase of interest around the New Balance 1906. Utilizing the same sole unit found in the popular New Balance 2002R, the New Balance 1906R seamlessly blends the comfort of a running shoe with the early 2000s aesthetic of modern streetwear. By incorporating ABZORB and N-Ergy technology, this shoe becomes the ideal everyday runner that provides all-day comfort and wearability.

Under-the-radar New Balance 650RGOAT

New Balance 650R
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Originally released in 1995, the New Balance 650 could be considered ahead of its time, as it effortlessly bridged the gap between the trendy dad sneaker and the innovative design aesthetics of the ’90s. The often overshadowed 650 is a high-top variation of the ever-popular 550 but with 80’s inspired padded ankle collars and plush insole. With a variety of era-authentic colors, these sneakers are an amazing choice for those looking to embrace the ’90s look without compromising comfort. 

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