Brad Hall Shows How to Dress Like Kanye West

Brad Hall Shows How to Dress Like Kanye West

Brad Hall: YouTuber, sneakerhead, and apparently, fashion guru.

YouTuber Brad Hall, known for his deadpan sense of humor and sneaker knowledge has recently released his own version of a style bible, “How To Dress Like Kanye.”

With his ability to acquire grails and rare finds, this style tutorial has obviously been a longtime coming. This series, which is still set in his ‘suburban dad’ office, features Brad giving the lodown on how to dress like Kanye West.

He starts from the bottom up, of course; the sneakers being the key to Kanye’s fits. In his signature deadpan voice, Brad puts on a Chicago t-shirt, which he refers to as “a cool graphic tee” and pairs it with his wide-legged trousers, which were referred to as “tapered.” While some of his choices are laughable, some of the tips and tricks on how to stunt like ‘Ye actually made a lot of sense.

Watch the video above and see if you, too, can nail the look thanks to the advice of trusty Brad Hall.

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