The “overrated” Captain Marvel movie is well on its way to grossing US$1 billion worldwide

The “overrated” Captain Marvel movie is well on its way to grossing US$1 billion worldwide

Captain Marvel keeps soaring, with the worldwide box office numbers showing no sign of slowing down.

But Twitter critics have gone as far as comparing the movie to the disappointing Green Lantern title.

Despite criticism from some Marvel fans, the movie has still chalked up favorable reviews from critics and significantly more profit than most origin stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just 11 days since its March 8 release, Captain Marvel has already made US$760 million worldwide. The movie has also smashed the record for a female-led film, grossing US$153 million in North America and US$455 million worldwide on its opening weekend. The question now is, can Carol Danvers join the exclusive US$1 billion club?

For context, only six of the 21 Marvel movies have hit the 7-digit figure. And Captain Marvel sits just below all six in terms of how quickly each of the movies reached US$200 million at the US domestic box office. With all these numbers stacked, it looks like Marvel’s latest female superhero will power her way past the US$1 billion mark soon – even if superhero fanboys disagree and boycott the film entirely.

Have you watched Captain Marvel? Let us know in the comments below if you think it’s worthy of a US$1 billion film.

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