Casio x Wildlife Promising
STYLE Published: February 26, 2019 Updated: February 28, 2019  |  WORDS: Staff

Casio and Wildlife Promising launch animal-inspired G-Shock and Baby-G models

Casio continues its support for environmental groups with the new Casio x Wildlife Promising collection.

Casio x Wildlife Promising
The Casio x Wildlife Promising collection will feature three different watch styles.

The collection zooms in on three African species – the leopard, the African fish eagle, and the lilac-breasted roller.

Wildlife Promising, a non-profit organization, has teamed up with Casio on a special collaborative effort that highlights the organization’s exceptional work in wildlife conservation. The collection falls under Casio’s “Love the Sea and the Earth” theme, which it has used for collaborative work with environmental groups since the late 90s.

In this collection, the G-Shock GG-1000WLP and GR-B100WLP models as well as the Baby-G BA-255WLP model are adorned with animal-inspired prints and colors. But that’s not all. You’ll also find that each watch comes in matching packaging that illustrate the featured animals. Get a closer look at the watches in the gallery below.

Casio x Wildlife Promising
The leopard-inspired G-Shock GG-1000WLP-1A.
Casio x Wildlife Promising
The African fish eagle-inspired G-Shock GR-B100WLP-7A.
Casio x Wildlife Promising
The lilac-breasted roller-inspired Baby-G BA-255WLP-7A.

The Casio x Wildlife Promising collection is now available exclusively at the Bugis Junction G-Shock Casio store.

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