Take the turf anywhere with you with these Chinatown Market Crocs

Take the turf anywhere with you with these Chinatown Market Crocs

A Chinatown Market x Crocs collaboration has been unveiled.

Chinatown Market x Crocs

Turf covers the latest Crocs collaboration.

With one of the oddest collaborations we’ve seen in a while, the Chinatown Market x Crocs are definitely a pair to check out.

Fresh off their Pleasures collaboration, Crocs is making moves again, this time collaborating with Chinatown Market. If the Pleasures collab was dark and edgy, this upcoming piece is a complete 180.

Astroturf material has been slapped on the classic clog. The same material can be found on the inside, ensuring a barefoot walking-on-grass experience wherever you go. Other branding includes Chinatown Market on the cross strap and “Have A Nice Day” found on the badge on the hinge.

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Whatever your thoughts are on Crocs, you cannot deny the moves they’re making are in the right direction and keeping them relevant.

These Chinatown Market x Crocs will be released on January 24 (January 25 Singapore time) on the Chinatown Market website. No retail price as yet but watch this space for updates.

What do you think of the Chinatown Market x Crocs collaboration? What is your stand on Crocs releasing all these collaborations? Let us know in the comments below. 

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