Crocs collaboration craze brings them into fashion circles

Crocs collaboration craze brings them into fashion circles

The Crocs collaboration with Pleasures may come as a surprise, but it’s not the first time Crocs gets a fancy touch.

Crocs collaboration

Crocs x Alife “Art”

The latest product of the “so uncool it’s cool” trend, Crocs seem to have exploded to streetwear relevance.

They may have been your favorite pair of sandals as a child but we’re very sure they aren’t in your shoe rack now. They may be comfortable and easy to wear but what they’re not is fashionable. Until recently, at least. Over the past couple of years, Crocs has managed to wrangle collaborations with the likes of Balenciaga, Post Malone, and Pleasures. We list down the four Crocs collaborations launched over the past year that has brought them out of fashion purgatory.

1) Crocs x Balenciaga

Crocs collaboration

Crocs x Balenciaga

Balenciaga has had a knack for producing some of the most head-scratching pieces over the past few years. Just take a look at their Double Shirt, and the skirt that looks like a doormat. This Crocs collaboration is right up there with the best (or worst) of them. Transforming the classic clog into a platform shoe, Balenciaga slapped a US$850 price tag on these bad boys and, surprisingly, they sold out. Jeweled JibBits added a premium touch to the pink plastic Crocs.

2) Crocs x Alife

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Speaking of JibBits — which are the small embellishments you place in the holes of the Crocs to add flair — brings us to the artistic Alife collaboration. The New York-based brand collaborated with Crocs for a unique take on the clog. 3D JibBits of New York City landmarks came with the clog to form a mini skyline on your feet. This specific pair of Crocs was part of a capsule collection comprising three different designs; the Art, the Sport, and the Classic. The Sport version features a tube sock-like entrance to the sneaker, while the Classic iteration just featured prominent Alife branding on the clog.

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3) Crocs x Post Malone

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In what was arguably the most surprising collaboration of 2018, Post Malone worked with Crocs to release not one but TWO pairs of clogs. Malone is known for being quite the eccentric, but even for him, this was unexpected. His first Crocs collaboration dropped in November, featuring a white clog with a baby devil face graphic plastered all over the sandal. The collab came with six special JibBits, including one of Malone’s famous “Stay Away” tattoo. The surprise drop, combined with the popularity of Post Malone, garnered such demand that the clogs are currently reselling for over US$500, almost ten times its retail price.  The two collaborated again in December, releasing a Beerbongs & Bentleys themed release. Coming in yellow and entwined in a barbed wired graphic, the classic clog also came with six new JibBits.

4) Crocs x Pleasures

Crocs collaboration

Crocs x Pleasures

In the latest Crocs collaboration, Pleasures will be releasing the classic clog in a macabre design. This collaboration may be the most graphic of all, with the black upper featuring bone white skeletons of feet. Other details include Pleasures branding on the sandal strap covering the embossed Crocs logo.

Crocs have made quite a comeback over the past two years with all these collaborations. From shutting down their last few manufacturing plants in August to now having their brand in pop culture conversations, Crocs was definitely the surprise of the year. As we enter an era of “so uncool, it’s cool”, are Crocs bound to blow up even more in 2019? We’ll have to find out.

What do you think of the recent Crocs collaborations? Would you rock a pair of Crocs if they had a nice design? Let us know in the comments below.

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