From Stubby to Smooth: The Professional Shave

From Stubby to Smooth: The Professional Shave

Movember is officially over! Before you whip out the razor and start shaving, ask yourself: Are you doing it right?

By Daniel Loy


Not too long ago, we sought the wisdom of grooming expert Quester Ng for tips on how to keep a moustache (see here). Now that Movember month has passed, we pop by his workplace at We Need A Hero to get his insights into the art of grooming and to let the guru work his magic on us.

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You might ask – why would anyone need a professional shave when they can do it themselves at home? For one, many see the act of shaving as a chore and rush through the process. Without proper shaving equipment, techniques and patience, the skin is aggravated and leads to ingrown facial hairs. Before you know it, unsightly pimples and skin bumps start to form.


That’s where professionals like Quester come in. With years of experience under their belt, they know how to care for the skin and can even do moustache and beard styling if you so desire. The experts prep your face so that the hairs are easily cut, use only the best equipment and shaving lotions available, and leave you feeling refreshed with baby-smooth skin. Say goodbye to razor burns and cuts! Besides a shave, you can also get a proper haircut which suits your facial features and desired outlook.

Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. We sat down for a haircut and shave session and went from scruffy to suave. Take a look for yourself:


First, the barber has a one-on-one consultation with the customer to find out more about their lifestyle and grooming habits. Rather than providing a generic haircut and shave, the barber determines what style best suits the customer’s features and personality. This two-way communication helps ensure that the customer leaves the shop with satisfaction.


The barber proceeds with the haircut, while making small talk and sharing haircare tips. There’s no need to keep silent during the session; let them know more about you!


It’s off to the hair wash! A proper wash clears away dirt and excess oil which can potentially clog up the hair follicles.


Final touch ups before proceeding with the shave.


Some tools of the shaving trade.

Barber’s Tip: It’s a misconception that shaving cream provides lubrication. Rather, it’s shaving oil that lubes the skin. So apply some shaving oil as a base layer before the cream. This should make the shave a lot smoother.


An electric shaver trim the hair into a short stubble, making it easier later on for the razor to cut through hair.

Barber’s Tip: Visit the grooming saloon twice a month to get your fuzz sorted and skin condition maintained.


A hot towel helps soften the facial hair and skin, making it ideal for shaving. Post-shaving, a cold towel is used to close up the pores and cool the skin down.


We’ll be the first to admit that we use our grubby hands to lather on shaving cream. A good barber uses a badger brush (as pictured), because it holds the cream well and ensures an even and consistent application of shaving cream.


And so it begins. The barber uses an old-school straight razor for the closest shave possible. Images of Johnny Depp cutting people up in Sweeney Todd come to mind, but don’t worry, it’s safer than it looks as the barber uses slow, gentle strokes to shave the hair off.

Barber’s Tip: Don’t shave everyday. Give your skin cells some time to recover after each shave. Ideally, you should only be shaving 3 to 4 times a week.


Almost done, and you can see for yourself just how smooth the skin is.

Barber’s Tip: Slide your fingers along your face post-shave. The skin should feel smooth with the grain but slightly rough when against. This ensure that there is some hair left (though it’s not visible) and prevents ingrown hair.


A cold towel, aftershave and we’re all done. The customer leaves a hero, happy and well-groomed.

Visit We Need A Hero for all your grooming needs!

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