Pre-order for Sole Superior Event Tees – Last Day Today!

Pre-order for Sole Superior Event Tees – Last Day Today!

Only 2 days left to pre-order exclusive Sole Superior event tees designed by Mark Sbtg!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Sole Superior, Singapore’s first sneaker and streetwear convention, is happening on November 30th at Zouk. It’ll be where sneakerheads and loyal streetwear fans can meet, mingle and have a great time.

Besides ordering tickets for the convention, you can also pre-order event tees, made in collaboration with Mark Sbtg. These tees come in four designs, and the pre-order closes tomorrow, November 8th. So what are you waiting for, grab yours now!

Get your Sole Superior tickets and event tees here

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