Complete Guide to ANTA Basketball Shoes

Complete Guide to ANTA Basketball Shoes

ANTA has been making waves on the courts of the NBA, producing signature lines with the likes of Klay Thompson and Gordon Hayward. But how much do you know about the brand? Scroll down for your complete guide to ANTA and their range of performance basketball shoes.


ANTA is a dynamic and innovative sportswear brand that has rapidly ascended to global prominence over the past few decades. Founded in 1991 in Jinjiang, China, by Ding Shizhong, ANTA has evolved from a regional footwear manufacturer into a powerhouse in the international sports apparel industry, catering to a diverse range of athletic pursuits, including basketball, running, and outdoor activities. Here’s your complete guide to ANTA, chronicling their rise at the Olympics, signing a roster of NBA athletes and breaking down their range performance basketball shoes. 

Making a name for itself at home

Who would’ve thought that ANTA would dominate Nike, the biggest sporting brand in the world? In 2022, ANTA outsold Nike in China, bringing in $7.8 billion in revenue compared to $7.6 billion by Nike. On the global stage, ANTA was also the official supplier of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) from 2019 to 2022. Though its tenure with the IOC has ended, it has remained the official sports apparel partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee – a deal that was penned in 2009. Besides apparel deals, ANTA was one of the sponsors for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2022 Winter Olympics Games and 2022 Winter Paralympics Games. 

ANTA’s basketball pursuits

Diving into the world of basketball, ANTA boasts a roster of notable players in the NBA, including Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors), Alex Caruso (Chicago Bulls), Jordan Clarkson (Utah Jazz) and recently signed, Kyrie Irving (Mavericks). Signing Kyrie Irving was one of the biggest deals for ANTA, as it not only promised a signature line for him but instated him as the Chief Creative Officer for its basketball division. Other legendary players such as Luis Scola, Kevin Garnett and Chandler Parsons used to be part of its roster. Though many would recognise the brand from signature lines including KT8, GH3 and RR6, it also offers other models that get the job done such as Shock the Game 5 and Shock Wave 5. Most notably, the Shock Wave 5 Pro debuted in collaboration with Kyrie Irving in the ‘First Show’ colorway.

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Explore the best selections of basketball shoes from ANTA below:

Model: Kyrie Irving x ANTA Shock Wave 5 Pro ‘First Show’
Price: S$419 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

ANTA Basketball Shoes Shock Wave 5 ProGOAT

Model: ANTA KT8 ‘LA Skyline’
Price: S$182 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

ANTA Basketball Shoes KT8GOAT

Model: ANTA KT7 ‘Dark Storm’
Price: S$370 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

ANTA Basketball Shoes KT7GOAT

Model: ANTA Shock The Game 5 ‘Crazy Tide’
Price: S$175 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT


Model: ANTA GH3 ‘Martini’
Price: S$136 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT


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