Conan O’Brien and Steven Yuen Star in K-Pop Video

Conan O’Brien and Steven Yuen Star in K-Pop Video

When Conan O’Brien and Steven Yuen get together much hilarity ensues. This time, the talkshow host and The Walking Dead actor star in a K-pop video. 

Conan O’Brien and Steven Yuen have much comedy chemistry, as seen in the episode of Conan in which the two visit a Korean spa. This time, the duo star in a K-pop video for J.Y. Park’s “Fire”.

The video also features a slew of other K-pop stars including singer and TV host Jimin Park and girl groups Wonder Girls and TWICE.

In the video, Conan O’Brien and Steven Yuen are looking for some fun in Korea. They go through a K-pop transformation, downing a bottle of liquid labeled “K-POP. K.FLAVOR” and even sitting through a makeover.

When the transformation is complete (eyeliner and all), J.Y. Park teaches the duo a signature dance, the String Dance.

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Much like a Psy music video, the “Fire” video includes all elements required for a video to go viral – a catchy beat, good-looking K-pop starlets and a wacky dance move. It then ups the ante with the inclusion of two Hollywood personalities.

The video, published April 9th, has received more than a million views at time of writing.

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