Artist Creates Custom Charizard x Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

Artist Creates Custom Charizard x Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

Who would have thought Charizard x Supreme would go hand-in-hand?

Instagram user @tedq’s custom Charizard x Supreme hoodie is the best of pop culture and streetwear.

The red hoodie features the Fire-type Pokémon with the Supreme box logo superimposed over its body. For added “street cred”, @tedq (goes by Ted Leanse) is also seen holding up several Pokémon playing cards.

Posted on Instagram two days ago, Ted’s post has already garnered over a thousand likes from Pokémon lovers and streetwear enthusiasts.

In fact, they love his custom hoodie so much that many of them were left wondering how they can get their hands on such a hoodie.

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Would like to see a Pokémon x Supreme collaboration in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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