Kick it Old School with this Custom “NES” Air Jordan 4

Kick it Old School with this Custom “NES” Air Jordan 4

The “NES” Air Jordan 4 is the latest custom creation by Freaker Sneaks.

The “NES” Air Jordan 4 is made with actual controllers from the Nintendo Entertainment System. And yes, they can be pressed.

Europe-based custom sneaker artist Freaker Sneaks is back with another custom creation that will give you all kinds of old school vibes.

His latest creation is the Jordan “Nintendo Entertainment System” 4. It features a gray upper with red and black accents.

Instead of having the Jumpman patch on the tongue, the shoes feature the labels of Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt – two of the most popular titles on the NES.

Similar to his previous creation, the Jordan “NES” 4 also features pressable control pads and buttons. They can be found on the heel of the left and right shoe respectively.

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Priced at US$1,250 (approx. S$1,710), only 10 pairs of these custom kicks will be made. You can pick them up here.

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