Custom “Super Nintendo” Air Jordan 4 are Fidget Toys for the Feet

Custom “Super Nintendo” Air Jordan 4 are Fidget Toys for the Feet

This custom “Super Nintendo” Air Jordan 4 will ease your restless fingers.

The “Super Nintendo” Air Jordan 4 is made with official SNES controllers, which means that yes, the buttons and control pad on the shoes can be pressed.

Europe-based custom sneaker artist Freaker Sneaks has created a pair of custom Air Jordan 4 that will ease your restlessness.

Made with actual Super Nintendo controllers, the buttons and control pad on these shoes are press-able, just like a fidget toy.

The shoes comes in a gray colorway. It features a directional pad on the heel of the left shoe, while a four button control is featured on the right.

Besides the regular “Super Nintendo” design, there is also a special “NBA Jam” edition of the sneakers up for grabs.

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The sneakers, created specifically for fans of the “NBA Jam” arcade game, come with additional purple detailing and custom illustrated tongue tags.

The shoes are available in limited quantities and can be ordered here. The original design is going for US$950 (approx. S$1,313), while the “NBA Jam” edition is going for US$1,250 (S$1,728).

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