Daniel Craig to Reclaim His Role as James Bond?

Daniel Craig to Reclaim His Role as James Bond?

Daniel Craig might just return as James Bond because apparently his would-be successor to the role, Tom Hiddleston, is “too smug and not tough enough”.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig once said that he couldn’t care less which actor plays the role of Bond after him. Looking at the way things are headed, he might just resume the role of 007 once more.

In an interview with Time Out for the release of Spectre two years ago, Daniel Craig said he’d rather break glass and slash his wrists than play the role of James Bond again. But it looks like Daniel has to eat his words. At the insistence of the 007 franchise producer Barbara Broccoli, it seems that he is considering reprising his role.

Why? Well, Page Six reports that Barbara has deemed Tom Hiddleston, who was widely rumored to play Bond next, was “too smug and not tough enough” for the role. It has also been said that Tom’s high-profile romance and split with Taylor Swift has affected his image, as did his controversial acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.

#Hiddleswift aside, another contributing factor to Daniel’s reconsideration of the role was Barbara’s production of the Off-Broadway version of Othello, in which Daniel played the role of Iago to critical acclaim. According to Page Six, “Daniel had such a good time in Othello, produced by Barbara, that he’s ready to do a final Bond.”

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