27,000 Votes Later, Here are the Winners of the DMND | SPLY Voting Contest

27,000 Votes Later, Here are the Winners of the DMND | SPLY Voting Contest

Not that YEEZY: From 1,010 entries down to 100, and now, here are the 40 entries that obtained the most number of votes in our DMND | SPLY Voting Contest.

The participants behind these 40 photo entries have each won themselves a DMND and SPLY Pass, which entitles them entry to the exclusive adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2 launch in Singapore on Saturday, September 24th at Marina Bay Sands, Skating Rink (B2). There, they will have the chance to ballot for a pair of the latest YEEZY release.

It will be an opportunity for YEEZY-heads to meet others just like them. Entertainment for the event will come by way of performances from REQ and DJ Rattle, with accompanying live visuals. Past and present adidas Yeezy Boost 350s will also be on display for winners to photograph and salivate over, but make no mistake, all eyes will be on the ballot draw happening that evening.

DMND | SPLY Voting Page

Here’s a quick rewind: The campaign launched on September 14th, and participants were given five days to take photos of any adidas sneaker they own. The theme was “In & Around Marina Bay Sands”. Submissions flew in from the get go, with many outstanding photos populating the hashtag #DMNDSPLYxLE.

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Over 1,000 entries poured in by the end of the first phase, and those were narrowed down to 100 most creative shots. A three-day public voting period followed, where 40 photos that obtain the most number of votes would earn the participant a chance to cop the Yeezys. Sneakerheads relentlessly rallied friends and family to vote and keep them ahead of the pack, with votes streaming in even till the very last second.

The contest closed with more than 27,000 votes tallied, and it was clear who made it to the Top 40 and deservedly won themselves a DMND and SPLY Pass. As the final numbers showed, a minimum of 452 votes were needed to secure a Pass, with the number one spot, owned by @spatd0, garnering a commendable total of 892 votes.

The event was organized by Limited Edt with the support of adidas Singapore. The pre-ballot DMND | SPLY campaign and launch event was conceptualized and created by Straatosphere.

Are you one of the 40 winners? Instructions as to how to redeem your DMND and SPLY Pass here.

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