Dr. Martens Reinvented Collection

Step into the New Year with a pair of fresh boots from the Dr. Martens Reinvented Collection, due to hit stores in December 2014.

Fresh from the factory this Autumn/Winter is Dr. Martens Reinvented Collection, a series of footwear that champions the working-class style while keeping youth culture alive with its uniqueness. Standing out most in the collection is the Core Applique Grip Shoe and Grasp Boot that feature exposed metal toe caps, a throwback to the skinhead and punk subcultures of yesteryear.

The extensive Reinvented Collection has something for everybody, whether it’s shoes that incorporate ski-hook eyelets, overlapping leather panels or even tattoo prints. Ladies can rejoice too, for Dr. Martens has introduced four new leathers to its boots. The Elphie Ghillie Pump, with its origins in Celtic traditional dance, also makes its debut in the Reinvented Collection. Check out pictures of the Dr. Martens Reinvented Collection and grab them once they reach our shores in December 2014!

The Dr. Martens Reinvented Collection will be available online and at Dr. Martens’ retail stores (Orchard Central and Wheelock Place).

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