Eric Cantona on Football Hooligans, Joachim Low and Euro 2016

Eric Cantona on Football Hooligans, Joachim Low and Euro 2016

Retired footballer Eric Cantona speaks out against thugs and injects a dose of humor into the ongoing Euro 2016.

Football legend Eric Cantona, known for his fiery on-field behavior, decides to look at things in a positive light.

The self-appointed Commissioner of football has been featured in a video that proves he’s still the “King”.

Looking lean and mean, Cantona lashes out at today’s football hooligans, calling them a mix of unlimited stupidity and alcohol. “Their only purpose in life is violence and chaos,” the Frenchman adds.

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Cantona also pokes fun at Germany’s football coach, Joachim Low, who made the news for scratching his nether regions and sniffing his hands thereafter.

“It was not even scratching, he is readjusting, checking that everything is there,” Cantona says with a straight face.

But the best moment comes at the end, when the former Manchester United striker speaks directly to a football. Much like Tom Hanks and Wilson the volleyball in the Cast Away film, Cantona advises the ball to think twice if Low approaches it for a handshake.

Bizarre, but King Cantona does as he pleases, even after retirement.

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