Finally, Nike SNKRS is in Singapore!

Finally, Nike SNKRS is in Singapore!

SNKRS Singapore launches on July 26, allowing Nike fans and sneakerheads to preorder limited release models

Nike SNKRS SingaporeSNKRS Singapore arrived with little fanfare, but local sneakerheads will be thrilled for the opportunity to check out and purchase upcoming releases

Nike SNKRS Singapore has finally launched! You saw that right! Finally, after years of teasing us with releases we could not buy or even preorder, the platform that gives sneakerheads early access to limited run Nike sneakers has come to Singapore.

With a minimalistic three-column site, Nike SNKRS lets you to check out past and upcoming limited releases, and get a closer look at them. Even though the site has just launched, there are two sneakers set to drop very soon.

Kyrie 5 “Bandulu”

Nike SNKRS Singapore

This new colorway combines the much-loved Kyrie 5 with Pat Peltier’s craftsmanship. The result is a sneaker that resembles an artist’s desk but with little details that encourage you to examine it more closely. And if you do, you will find that there is so much more than meets the eye.

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Nike SNKRS SingaporeFrom paint marks that are actually stitched onto the shoe to “Nike” and “Bandulu” stitched on a unique textured fabric on the heel counter and “Bandulu” on the tongue of the sneaker. And that’s just a quick look at the sneaker.

Nike SNKRS Singapore

The Kyrie 5 “Bandulu” drops on July 27 at 9am.

Air Jordan 1 “Defiant”

Nike SNKRS SingaporeInspired by the alternative rock world’s love for the Air Jordan 1, the Air Jordan 1 “Defiant” is an upcoming sneaker you can check out on the site. As the name suggests, the sneaker is inspired by the defiance and independence prized in the alt-rock community.

Nike SNKRS Singapore

The sneaker features subtle accents and design details that honor the community. The red stitches on the lateral sides are a reference to the stitches on the signature jackets and the removable patches worn by alt-rockers. The yellow swoosh on the medial side and black leather pieces hark back to the typical colors of album covers from that era. Everything about this high top sneaker is experimental, which reflects the creative process of the alt-rock community.

Nike SNKRS SingaporeThe Air Jordan 1 “Defiant” drops on July 27 at 9 am.

Considering that SNKRS Singapore has just launched, do keep your eyes peeled for more releases in the coming weeks. Visit for future drops and release announcements.

Which would you cop? The Kyrie 5 or Air Jordan 1? Share your thoughts down below.

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