Footpatrol x ASICS Tiger GEL-LYTE III 25th Anniversary

Footpatrol x ASICS Tiger GEL-LYTE III 25th Anniversary

Continuing the 25th anniversary celebration of the GEL-LYTE III, ASICS Tiger and Footpatrol have collaborated on a shoe inspired by the London store’s logo. 

The Footpatrol x ASICS Tiger GEL-LYTE III sneaker is inspired by the ideals behind Footpatrol’s logo, a gas mask – a symbol of a time of conflict and struggle for many Britons during World War II, when people banded together when they needed to the most.

Much digital ink has been spilled in the local sneaker forums about the way the shoe looks – some people love it, others are unimpressed. We won’t preach to the converted; instead, we urge naysayers to get a closer look at the shoe before deciding it isn’t for you. Having seen the shoe upclose – and by that we mean we actually touched and felt the shoe – we can attest to the fact that the Footpatrol GEL-LYTE III is incredibly well-made.

The shoe features an olive branch colorway with gold and black accents, adding richness to its military theme. The sneaker is made with perforated pigskin on its uppers and black suede on the interior medial upper. The exterior medial upper features reflective gold backing behind olive colored suede. The sneaker boasts a hairy suede tongue and a soft sand colored leather lining. The Footpatrol logo can be found on the heel counter and sockliner. Cooler yet, the word “Footpatrol GEL-LYTE III” is spelled out in Morse code on the laces.

The Footpatrol x ASICS Tiger GEL-LYTE III will be available from August 29th at ASICS Tiger premium retailers globally. The shoes will retail at a suggested retail price of €150 (approx. S$242.70).

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