G-Shock turns back time for its two retro-inspired watch collections

G-Shock turns back time for its two retro-inspired watch collections

The G-Shock Clear Skeleton and Black-Based 90s series take the spotlight this April.

g-shock clear skeleton black based 90s series

Top picks: (left) DW-5600SK-1 from the G-Shock Clear Skeleton series and (right) GAS-100BL-1A from the Black-Based 90s series.

The two collections offer contrasting options that play on retro vibes of the 80s and 90s.

You can trust Casio to constantly churn out timepieces that marry function and style. Taking inspiration from the 80s and 90s, the latest G-Shock Clear Skeleton and Black-Based 90s series deliver just that. Featuring nine watches in total, you’ll have plenty to choose from. View the full collection below.

G-Shock Clear Skeleton series

G-Shock Clear Skeleton black-based 90s series price

The G-Shock Clear Skeleton series features five watch styles priced from S$139 to S$199.

The 80s-inspired G-Shock Clear Skeleton series consists of two classic digital and three large analog-digital models each featuring two-tone colorways. Set your sights on the grey “metallic mirror” face DW-5600SK-1 and DW-6900SK-1 or the GA-700SK-1A with a grey metallic display for a full-on tonal look. If you’re looking for a pop of color to go with the semi-transparent watches, the GA-400 models offer two contrasting options with pink and lime green bezels inspired by the bright neon styles popularized back in the 80s.

G-Shock Black-Based 90s series

G-Shock Clear Skeleton and black-based 90s series price list

The G-Shock Black-Based 90s series comprises four watch models retailing from S$169 to S$219.

The sporty 90s makes a comeback in the G-Shock Black-Based 90s series comprising the GA-100, the GAS-100, GA-800 and the GW-B5600 models. The neon-themed collection makes use of only three colors – black, purple and turquoise green.

The GA-100BL-1A and GAS-B100BL-1A come with a dual-layer resin band with a purple inner band. This is a stark contrast to both the GA-800BL-1A and the GW-B5600BL-1A, which feature a bicolor molded band that is black on the outside and turquoise green on the inside. But if anyone’s asking, the GAS-B100BL-1A would be our top pick in this collection thanks to its signature robust exterior to match with its stunning colorway.

The G-Shock Clear Skeleton and Black-Based 90s series are now available at all G-Shock stores (except the IMM outlet). View the images above for the full breakdown of prices.

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All images: Casio G-Shock

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