GOAT App has Merged with Consignment Store Flight Club

GOAT App has Merged with Consignment Store Flight Club

The merger of GOAT app and Flight Club has been discussed since November 2017.


GOAT app, a shopping app to buy and sell verified shoes, and Flight Club, a major consignment store of 12 years, have teamed up.

As for the reason for merging with Flight Club, Eddy Lu, co-founder and CEO of GOAT explains, “They are best in class at retail, have great [search engine optimization] to their web presence and tons of social following” (source).

The merger gives Flight Club access to GOAT’s e-commerce and mobile platforms. Flight Club, however, will not be able to advertise its product offerings on GOAT (see image below).

Despite the merger, both brands will continue to exist as two separate entities. Flight Club will retain its brick and mortar stores in Los Angeles and New York, but plans have also been made to open Flight Club stores in China and Australia in the near future (source).

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More information about the merger between GOAT app and Flight Club here.

Featured image: Flight Club
Source: GOAT

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